About Kathi

Katherine Reuter is a wife to Nick and a mom to Landon, Kiersten, and Keegan.

Prior to having children, Katherine taught first and second grade for ten years. She holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a masters degree in special education.

For the last six years, Katherine has built a multiple six-figure business where she has mentored thousands of people with their health, fitness, and mindset goals.

She is passionate about teaching children the importance of developing a positive growth mindset, so they are set up to live their best life possible!

As a former educator, she knows how so much of the focus in the educational system is on hard skills and "teaching to the tests", but what our children need more than anything are the soft skills to be a good person, and on life skills like building resiliency, emotional intelligence, understanding that sometimes things in life are difficult and require determination, and building a growth mindset. These skills help children grow up to be well-adjusted adults that can adapt to new situations and understand how to approach challenges in a way that is positive.

Katherine grew up in Massachusetts but currently resides in Gulf Coast Florida with her family and rescue lab, Kali!